About The Car Party Co.

We are a small unique company in which we provide a new and innovative experience to make birthday parties and other events extremely special!

I bought my son his first Range Rover and thought that it would be an amazingly fun idea to hire them for his birthday party, so that all of his friends could join in the fun too. As I tirelessly searched for a company that offered this service, I simply couldn’t find one! It struck me that this was the perfect opportunity to bring a new venture into life and allow young children’s take on special events to move forward with the times too!

I have added all the necessary extras, props and tents that fully captivate their young and ever expanding imaginations and believe that with all of this together creates the perfect atmosphere for young children to have a dream party!

Following this it made so much sense for me to offer a full party package, I know all too well the stress and utter chaos a child’s event can bring, no matter how small you try to make it! As a parent you feel like the entire time is a blur and you just wish that you would have stopped to take the time to enjoy the precious moments with your little one. That’s where we come in!

With all of this in mind, my main aim is to use my skills, both business orientated and mummy orientated, to enable a fantastic, enjoyable, efficient and stress-free service that will have an immensely positive feedback result, from both adults and the kids! 

Children's Ride On Car Parties - Top cars for little stars!